Why we prefer Judo

All of us involved in this wonderful sport, we know that judo offers to the athletes physical and mental benefits. Physically, judo helps to improve the aerobic status, speed, coordination and body strength. Mentally, judo (especially competitive judo) teaches us vital lessons such as:
  • The ability to handle aggressiveness and stress
  • The meaning of discipline, respect and hard work
  • The ability to gracefully win, and lose with your head held high
  • The ability to solve your problems
  • The importance of fair play
  • The ability to become independent and accept responsibility of your actions
  • The greatness of team competition
  • The ability of social interaction which is so vital in life

Most importantly of all is having fun and pleasure while learning, playing or fighting under judo rules.

So come and visit us in our dojo to meet judo up close!

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